In most cases, no refunds will be issued after a payment has been made, however, there may be exceptions based on the following:

Multiple payments for the same service.
Applicant submitted payment online but did not receive confirmation due to a connection error and the website was unable to provide an electronic copy of the invoice.
Transaction Fees will not be refunded / canceled when any transaction is returned or canceled.

For online payments, it is important that applicants provide the transaction number and order number. For future use and to request any form of reimbursement for any reason, this will be at the discretion of RazorPay.

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Cancellation Policy
Can I Cancel My Order?
If you change your mind and want to cancel your order, you can do so before the product is shipped to you, however cancellation policy is subject to policy and you can only cancel your order if the product cancellation policy allows you to cancel. You must read the cancellation policy before placing your order.

Want to cancel your order?
You can cancel your order by following these steps:
Follow these steps:
● Go to the “My orders” section of the application
● Select your order
● Click the “Cancel” button